Angular 2 – Animation basics.

Follow me Hi Friends, Hope you are all well. This post is again a response to many of our friends asking me about animations in Angular 2. Well, Angular 2 does have something for that as well and in this post we will be looking into the very basics of it. Let’s begin. A video […]

Angular 2 – Sending mails from your app.

Follow me Hi Friends, Hope you are all well. This post deals with sending mails from your angular 2 application using emailjs. It’s simple and pretty much easier to implement. Please note that you will need a email server in order to implement this. I will be using the email server that came along with […]

Angular 2 – The New Router

Follow me Hi Friends, Hope you are well. Angular 2 team has released a new router lately to be used along with their RC versions. This kinda makes the old router obsolete and so I decided to post a new post on using this new router in your Angular 2 apps. Let’s begin. A screencast […]

Ionic 2 – Push Notifications

Follow me Hi Friends, Whoo… An Ionic tutorial after a looong time… Yup. This post deals with how to receive push notifications on your mobile through an Ionic 2 app and the Ionic-cloud-angular lib. This is a response to many of my friends asking me how to do Push Notifications in Ionic 2 apps. This […]