Angular 5 – Paypal express checkout

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Hope you are all well. In this post let’s see how to bring in paypal express checkout feature into your angular 5 apps.

Let’s begin.

A screencast of this post

Code for this post is available – here.

There are 2 ways of bringing paypal into your web app. They are

  • Client side express checkout using REST – Click here.
  • Server side express checkout using REST – Click here.

I would highly recommend you to read these two links first before you proceed further.

In this post we’ll see about client side express checkout using REST.

Signup for a paypal developer account using this link –

Now create an app (in sandbox mode). You’ll be given a key.

Next scaffold out an angular app using the below command.

Once that is done open up app.component.html and add the below code.

Now open app.component.ts file and add the below code.

That’s it. Now what have we done here ?

paypal.Button.render(this.paypalConfig, ‘#paypal-checkout-btn’);

This is the line of code that actually brings in the button for express checkout here. So how will this code run. Let’s see.

Run this code using the below command.

Click on the paypal button (Yellow button). You’ll see a screen like the one shown below.


You could either use your account now or just click on check out as a guest to pay using your card.


As easy as that. You could use express checkout in your next e-commerce site or any other site where billing is required. (Note that you would have to use your production key when your app goes live).

Hope this post helped you guys. If you found this helpful, kindly share it with someone and help them too.

Thanks for reading. Peace.. :)


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