Angular attack – Hackathon – Oh yeah.. !!

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all well. Over the past weekend I participated in an amazing event – The Angularattack hackathon conducted by the RumbleX team. It was a 48 hour event and the focus was mainly on Angular 2.

I built a minimalistic issue-bulletin board that helps companies to log and handle the issues raised by consumers on their products.

A screencast on what I did

It was wonderful doing this and I wish I had enough time to work on the backend as well.

Few things, I learnt while hacking away.

  1. Participating in a team; I decided to go solo, which was a really bad idea. If you decide to fly solo pick an idea that is simple.
  2. Your computer, devices, setup would always malfunction in some way whenever you participate in a time based event. (Yeah..!! me too)

All in all it was amazing and you guys could actually help me win a prize by clicking on the link below and clicking on the favorite button in the page that opens.

Thanks for reading guys. Peace.. :)

P.S: If anyone wants a issue-ticket management system kindly contact me here.

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