Are you a techie…?

Hi there,

Are you a technology evangelist…? Do you think you are as good as the guys they show in movies..? Do you feel that your coding ability is way above average. Here are five simple points which can assess whether you are a techie..?

1) You are lazy. You like to sit in front of your laptop and keep staring at it as if its going to do something. You also have several plugins, extensions installed along with ur browser to make ur online surfing easier and several other tools which you probably wrote yourself to do oft-repeated tasks on your computer.

2) You know very well about Nikola Tesla and his achievements and also you understand that the tech-world is very much different from whatever is taught in school.

3) The names Sean Parker, Jeff Bezos or Peter Thiel doesn’t sound new to you.

4) You install sdks and IDEs frequently and keep them updated and also play around with coding languages frequently. You also think about writing a master-piece application but you never start doing it.

5) Whenever you hear someone boasting about their qualifications and certifications in the technical field, you can’t stop smiling and your mind immediately reminds you that there are people with less certifications but greater expertise in that same technical field.


If any three of the above five points suits you then wow… you are on the path to becoming a techie… Peace… :)



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