Ionic native and a flashlight

Follow me Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing good. Now, several readers of my site have been asking me to blogĀ about ionic-native. For those who don’t know what Ionic-native is, its simply a collection of awesome stuff that could be used along with your Ionic 2 apps to enhance the capabilities of your app […]

Using Ionicons in Ionic 2

Follow me Hi Friends, Hope you are well. This post is a response to many of my friends asking me how to use ionicons in Ionic 2. Its quite simple actually and I will explain how to do it in few simple steps. Step 1: Download ionicons from here. Extract the contents to any location, […]

Are you a techie…?

Follow me Hi there, Are you a technology evangelist…? Do you think you are as good as the guys they show in movies..? Do you feel that your coding ability is way above average. Here are five simple points which can assess whether you are a techie..? 1) You are lazy. You like to sit […]