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Hope you are all well. This post is again a sequel to my previous posts on authentication.. (Ah man, too many sequels)

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Let’s begin:

A screencast of this post


Let’s start from where we left off.

Before bringing in the twitter plugin., we need to do some configurations here as well. Navigate to the twitter developer portal by clicking here.

Create a new app. Here in twitter, you just need to fill out a form. There’s no fancy copying and pasting code like we did for Facebook. Once the app is created, it will give you two keys. These are important.


Now open up pubspec.yaml file and add the dependency for twitter login as shown below.

Alright, now get into loginpage.dart and modify it as shown below.

Now we have already talked about most of the code here in our previous posts.  Let’s consider only the snippet involved in twitter login.

Alright, here we are attempting to login using the plugin. If successful we get a session (else we get an error msg).

This session will contain the token and secret which we then use to authenticate the user. Once the user is authenticated, he or she will be redirected to the Home Page.

Enable Twitter under the sign-in providers in Firebase.


Now run the app. You will see the below screens.


I know the Login Screen looks absurd now. I’ll try to fix all the alignments and provide a better (and more visually pleasing) screen as we dive deeper into app building.

Now tap on Login with twitter.

You will see the below screen


Now tap on Connect to give permission.


You’ll now be logged in.


That’s it.

Now open users in your firebase console and you would see that a new user has been added under twitter provider.


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