Ionic 2 – Google Auth

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all well. This post is a response to many of our friends asking me about using Google Auth in your Ionic 2 apps.

Let’s begin.

A video screencast of this post.


The complete code for this post can be found – here.

The docs provided by the Ionic team regarding this are pretty much extensive and they cover everything about how to achieve this guys. Click here to view them.

Adding on to those and assuming that you have done everything to achieve this, I have talked about scopes in the video above. Kindly watch it for more clarity.

Hope this helps you guys. Peace.. :)

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  • Aslan Kaan YILMAZ

    Awesome tutorial! Can you make an example call to calendar API, too? I couldn’t figure it out how to use the token that is returned. (Tried basic http.get and Google Javascript API (gapi), none worked.)

  • Raja please look at my error.