Ionic 2 – Push Notifications (Updated)

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all well. This post is an update to my previous post on implementing push notifications in your Ionic 2 app using the Ionic-cloud library. It has undergone a lot of changes guys.

I am just gonna say it out loud. The Ionic 2 team has provided excellent docs for Push. Kindly refer them. They have given explicit instructions to do it.

Ionic-cloud docs – Click here.

A screencast on how to implement push notifications in Ionic 2

The complete code of this post is available – here.

Thanks for reading guys. Peace.. :)

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  • Adir Zoari

    hey, thanks for your tutorial.
    should I do it with php database?
    because I have already database in php and I don’t want to use firebase.
    thank you.

  • arsene

    great thanks for the post

  • arsene

    just waiting answer with peejs with ionic.

  • Stevan Grubac

    Hello, so far this is working well, but how can I send specific message that will take from my server or application?

    • Stevan Grubac

      somehow I manage to do this

      • If you could let me know how you did this or share some of your code; maybe in a github repo, I could share it with our friends who enquire me about how to do this bro.. Thanks in advance.

  • Stevan Grubac

    Is it possible to filter notifications that I want to receive? How could I catch them if is possible at all ?

  • Dario Aleksa

    Is this working on Iphone?

    • Stevan Grubac

      yup :)

  • Dnyaneshwar

    How can i send push notification to specific user ?

  • Thank You,
    I could send only one notification , when ever i change the content in next notification,
    It just replace the content in notification on device.

    How to send multiple notification with different content ?

    • Stevan Grubac

      have the same issue

    • It’s just a notification bro., It would obviously get replaced by the next notification when it arrives. It doesn’t have a db in the back-end that stores the previous message. Messenger apps store the message in the db and then trigger the push notification. That’s why you are able to see multiple messages (still the notifications arrive one by one) on your app.

  • Hi , I’ve one more question ,
    How to console the log , when we run the app in emulator or in device ?
    (I just want to see whether any token saved or not).

    • I was using ionic run android -l -c to console in ionic v1.
      But the same isn’t working in ionic V2.

  • pavan raparthi

    I am getting this error
    EXCEPTION: Error in :0:0 caused by: No provider for Push!

  • Thanks, so many thanks!

  • Kesavan

    I am Getting this error please help me

    EXCEPTION: Error in :0:0 caused by: No provider for Push!


  • Ibrahim Ahmed Alshareif

    hi thank for this grate tut i want to use php to send push how i can implantation that ?

  • Dhruv Thakkar

    I want to use push notification with PHP and MySQL could you please help me for that ?

  • Rashid


    What is curl command for updated version to send push notification?

    • Rashid

      Its fixed

  • Rashid

    Hi Raja,
    I have test the app it working well, good Job bro. But there is one issue which I have figured out.
    If app is open or open in the background then I am able to receive the push notification.

    When the app is totally closed then It is impossible the receive the push notification.

    Is there any solution to this issue?